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  • What is a crewed yacht charter?

    Crewed yachts provide a captain, hostess/chef, and any number of crew depending on the size of the yacht.The professional crew will delight in showing you the beauty of the Greek islands, cruising from one island to the other and dining on gourmet meals. A crewed yacht charter offers a wide selection of amenities (water toys, entertainment system, books & games etc).
  • First time on a boat - is a crewed charter suitable for us?

  • How do we book - Payment Terms?

  • Can we choose what we want to do?

  • How can we find out about the crew?

  • Can we create our own itinerary?

  • What to bring?

  • How much luggage can we bring?

  • Can we cruise at night?

  • Are qualifications needed to use the water sports equipment?

  • Privacy?

  • Will we get seasick?

  • Can I get my special medication while on charter?

  • What about the gratuities for the crew?

  • Can we charge our mobile phone, lap top, tablet and/or camera?

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  • Will arrangements be made for airport pick up?