Maintenance & Technical Support
The technical team of Kavas Yacht Charter is most experienced in finding solutions for the maintenance and technical needs.

Crane & Shipyard Services
Kavas Yacht Charter also owns five cranes for lifting/launching yachts from/into the sea, as well as two travel lifts 70t & 150t and a unique hydraulic remotely-controlled self-moving trailer that can haul and place in position yachts of up to 85 tonnes each.

So, we couldn't be more serious when we say we are the experts for yacht charter in Greece.We know all about boats. Needless to say, there is also a small fleet of trucks and trailers to support our numerous crane & shipyard activities.

Our service and maintenance team undertakes more than 50% of the shipyard services yearly bought by yachts professionals of Marina Alimos, the largest in Greece.

Crane And Shipyard Services